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New YouTube Channel

I've created a Youtube channel where I plan on posting video blogs.  I will post them in the Project Experience page as well.  To subscribe to my channel, visit it here.

Parentheses... and Lots of Them

Head over to the project page to see some cool programming in AutoCAD.  If there is such a thing as 'cool programming.'

Computer Fixed!

I am pleased to announce that my computer works again and now my project can resume in earnest.  I wrote out a little bit of code last week and  I was trying to figure out the correct process for coding.  Right now my plan is to start with a plotted line (like I did with MatLab, see the project page for screenshots), find the velocity, dictate the forces felt on the element at that velocity by changing the plot, and then repeating all that until one plot and velocity data set match up with the set before it.  This sounds complicated, and IS complicated.  I've also started to look into interfacing MatLab and Inventor, and am not sure on how that will all work.  Right now it looks like I will have to learn the Visual Basic environment included with Inventor and pull the data from MatLab.  I really don't know how it will work, so it will be an interesting journey into the world of programming for me.

Computer Problems

So, I know it was bad timing, but shortly after the below post, I started having computer problems.  For the past week now I've been unable to do anything computer related.  However, Dell is sending me replacement RAM, so I should be able to operate my computer next week.  Despite that, I probably won't be able to post any shots from Inventor, becuase in an attempt to fix my computer, I installed a Linux distribution over my Windows OS, wiping my hard drive of Windows.  I don't think I can install Inventor on this Linux OS, and it could be a while before I can get the restore disks to put XP back on my laptop.  Luckily, I backed up what I was working on, so I haven't lost the work.  If I can think of something cool/useful to do and consequently talk about here, I will.  In the meantime, my project is on temporary hiatus.  Hopefuly I can get back at it soon.

Blog Teaser

Here's a little taste of what the next blog will be about...




Nick over at Coaste101 wrote a nice feature on myself and TPEG.  Check it out here.

New Blog Post

3/29/2010 - More fun with MatLab.  Check out the project experience tab to see my layout programming.

Fun with Flash

So, for a little fun, I made a flash animation.  Enjoy!  (Sorry about the quality, for some reason it won't scale right)



New Blog Post

3/23/2010 - The blog has a new entry!  Check it out for more info on what I am doing/will being doing until I graduate.

3/21/2010 - So I've decided to use the 'Project Experience' tab as a blog.  I have added the first entry, a detailed synopsis of the pneumatic launch tower that the Theme Park Engineering Group has been working on for two years now.  Check it out, and let me know what you think.

New Site!

Welcome to my new site!  Please bear with me as I continue to add to it in order to get it up to speed.  It should only be a few weeks before I get everything I want up.