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Posted by Eamon Kelly on July 14, 2010 at 7:50 PM

Sorry that it's been so long, but I have gotten some things done with my code.  The issue with updating about the code is that a lot of the time I spend on it is error-checking, and ultimately the work done is figuring out a robust format, something that doesn't show in graphs.  Despite this, what I have now is a first drop and a hump, and the plan is to use this to figure out functions that find velocity, force felt by passengers, and force felt by track.  After that, I will go into banking and turns, and then I will graph the running rails and spine, with hopes of being able to take those data sets into 3D models through programming.

I have figured out a velocity function that incoporates a drag factor, something that needs to be figured out later when a train is designed.

This is my test layout.  The radii are set values, so consequently the g-force felt by passengers may go beyond comfortable limits.  This will later be fixed by dictating the g-force and finding the radii that creates those forces.  Right now I am still figuring how to do this. 

Below is the velocity vs. time graph.  To clarify, the first 3 segments are dictated and not solved for, i.e. I said it moves x speed then increases to the chain speed (also dictated), but once released from the chain gravity and friction take over.

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Reply musama
6:51 AM on October 22, 2012 
dr mrs /mr

i m emma musama from africa(south africa) i m a french speaker so i ve got a project to submit next month, is about the roller coaster so i m lost till now how to start it on matlab so could show me your codes so i can get an idee how it look like ,

thanks in advanced for a good understanding an collaboration