Eamon Kelly - Roller Coaster Design

Discovering the Thrill of Engineering Thrills


My name is Eamon Kelly, and I am a mechanical engineering student at the Ohio State University.  I am pursuing a career within the amusement industry designing thrill rides such as roller coasters and flat rides.  I am a member of the Theme Park Engineering Group at OSU, and am currently the Chairman of Engineering.  As the chairman, my responsibility is to oversee any projects being undertaken that require engineering.  We are currently working with the Creative Design committee from our group in the development of a pneumatically controlled animatronic bird.  Past projects include working with Coaster Dynamix to develop an accelerometer for use in an educational kit and the design and construction of a pneumatic launch tower.

I am currently working on my own design project that entails developing the process used in the engineering of a roller coaster.  To read more about my projects, click on 'project experience' above.

 I also have valuable work experience in the industry, as I am currently an intern at Great Coasters International.  My main responsibility here is to assist with the building of the Millenium Flyer trains.  To read more about my time at GCII, click on 'work experience' above.